Larissa Miller-Lerch


Early Career

My first Mac Classic helped me earn $1200 as a "professional designer" and buy a better computer.... and ... eventually became a fish tank. The tools we use to create great design are constantly changing, and I feel my greatest strength is my ability to adapt, change and evolve. Creating great design no matter what technology is available.


In 1997 I joined where we did things our own way. We had one of the most recognized brands in the world and the freedom to be creative. We set standards for eCommerce that are still in use around the web today, and we did it with archaic things like Microsoft Merchant 1.0, Action Script, and AOL “forms”.  In this position I created and implemented site designs, marketing banners, campaign promotional designs, performed daily site maintenance, updates and content creation... and I had a strange compulsion to drop-shadow... everything.


... but had a hell of a lot of fun doing it!




Akamai Technologies

Freelance Consulting

Rapidly changing technologies, Y2K, 9/11, the rise and fall of the NASDAQ, and a lot of shiny, bubbly, beveled, buttons.


I’ve stopped showcasing work from before 2007 because... well... let’s face it, some of that stuff is a little embarrassing. Trendy design styles have changed over and over throughout the years. I'm still proud of the results, but i occasionally cringe at what we called "modern".

So, here is what’s important:


  • I worked. a lot.
  • I earned the title “Chief Pixel Mechanic” from a wonderful management team
  • I was the only Mac on the HP network
  • I suffered from Photoshop filter addiction.
  • I got over it.



SALU Beauty Inc

(a walgreens company)

Joining SALU beauty was a welcome return to a scrappy eCommerce team. As a senior designer, I spent my time beautifying marketing campaigns and improving the customer experience for, and (our Australian division). Collaborating with executive, marketing, merchandising, SEO, and development teams has been my specialty. I excel at translating projects from concept through completion with minimal direction.


No one had a “smart phone” when we started, but soon buzz-words like “mobile-friendly” and “responsive design” were part of every meeting. I was asked to lead the mobilization project. I dove into articles, tutorials, webinars, and emerged with comprehensive and detailed design mock-ups to not only “mobilize” our existing site, but to make it responsive and customer friendly for any size device. I worked closely with our development team to see that each release was pixel perfect and customer-friendly.


Now that SALU Beauty has been closed, I'm looking for a new opportunity. I don't just want a job, I'm looking for a great team.

The web is definitely Buddhist. It’s only constant is change. It’s a perpetual lesson in the fundamental nature of Impermanence: transient, evanescent, inconstant.


… And I totally love it.


Larissa Miller-Lerch
Larissa Miller-Lerch