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Ruby Stardust is the nom de plume for Larissa Miller-Lerch: Pixel mechanic, coffee-addict, digital designing, nerd-breeder. The moniker was created near the end of the last century whilst singing for Dutch Falconi and His Twisted Orchestra.

Ruby retired from the stage until recently when she was spotted for the first time in the 21st century monkey’n around at the 24th Street Theater in the (RSP) Runaway Stage Production's musical rendition of The Junglebook alongside her teenage daughter Lilly. She also spends time behind the spotlight - literally - volunteering as spotlight operator for shows with RSP.

20 years on the web feels like sort of a “big deal”. I’ve seen the rise and fall of many web sites, many design styles, many IPOs. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the early days of when we used archaic things like “Microsoft Merchant 1.0” and “action-script”. I’ll never take new technology for granted because I remember what it was like before you could automate the correction of several thousand CD cover-art photos... for a site that no longer exists.

I helped design the first web-based UI for Manage-X, NT Network Management Software at Hewlett-Packard. A software that no longer exists.

I redesigned Akamai Forum, a comprehensive, scalable and flexible interactive corporate communication, collaboration and web-casting platform for audio/video conferencing on intranet/internet. Which also no longer exists.

Whether I like it or not, I am a part of history.

I spent the last 9 years slinging pixels at SALU Beauty Inc. (a Walgreens Company) beautifying marketing campaigns and improving the customer experience for ecommerce sites:, and

Now that SALU has been sold and operations moved to a new platform in the UK, I’m on the hunt for my next great web adventure. I’m not looking for a job, I am looking for a great team that will appreciate what I have learned over 20 years while allowing me to keep evolving, keep pushing, keep improving.

The web is definitely a Buddhist. It's only constant is change. It's a perpetual lesson in the fundamental nature of Impermanence: transient, evanescent, inconstant.

... And I totally love it.