CX Case Study – Brand Page Template

Problem: Current brand pages lack visual appeal and engaging content. The template no longer has space for our merchandising team to showcase new or top rated products, and it lacks the flexibility to satisfy the needs of our premiere brands.

Direction: Work with the director of merchandising to develop a list of existing page elements alongside a working “wishlist” of new features. Analyze traffic and click-through data to aide in prioritizing page elements (as applicable). Design and present break-point mock-ups from mobile through desktop to leadership team for review and approval.

Solution:  Flexible Marketing and Merchandising zones designed to accommodate more engaging design and information were moved to the top of the page. Navigation related to the product grid was moved below these primary content zones. Several revision cycles took place as the team worked through compromises between merchandising, marketing, and development priorities. A scope of new features was to divided between 2 phases. A “full-width” page layout with responsive content and  “view more” link would allow for longer content or brand imagery while (initially) limiting the amount of scrolling mobile devices would have to endure to reach the product grid.